Tired of the Ants?

We’ve all been there…entered our kitchen only to discover ants all over the counters. Walked in to the break room at work and discovered ants everywhere because someone left food on the counter. Whatever the reason the ants have decided to take over your property, our Noblesville ant control experts have the means to eliminate them.

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Look no further and phone our local pest control Noblesville experts today and learn more about our quality pest plans and how our process works for treating residential and commercial properties.

“Why Doesn’t My Product Work?”

This is likely a question you’re asking if you have been fighting the ants on your property for quite some time. The answer? Because not all ant sprays and products kill all ant species. What does this mean? It means that the product you are using is likely only effective on certain ant kinds and if it isn’t working for you, your particular ants are the reason. When you give us a call we will send out one of our Noblesville ant control technicians to assess the issue and determine what kind of ants you have. We may ask questions about where you’re finding them and other relative questions that help us determine the species. This can actually save you a ton of money and we can help you keep them away for good from here on out. Call (317) 836-5625 to learn more!

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