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Discovering bees in or outside of your property is not always a good thing. It’s common to see a bee here or there from time to time; they typically move through many areas before choosing a location to build their nest. However, if you’ve been noticing bees for an extended period of time and an increase in their numbers, it’s time to phone an expert for professional bee removal or extermination. When you phone (317) 836-5625 we can discuss the activity you are seeing and any neset locations you might have found. One of our Noblesville bee control technicians will come out and assess the area and where the bees have been discovered in order to select the best approach.

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There are several different kinds of bees throughout Noblesville but even if you aren’t sure, our experts are here to help you.

Bumble Bees – Bumble bees actually create their nests in the ground and are two times as large as a honeybee. Other lower areas on the ground are also ideal places to uncover bumble bees. These seasonal bees will aggressively defend their hives and will not lose their stinger, so beware of their ability to sting several times should they attack. Only queen bumble bees will live through the winter and have the responsibility of starting a new colony come Spring.


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Honey Bees – You will typically be able to determine honey bees because they are often found in large swarms on a surface or opening and can include anywhere from 4,000 to as many as 9,000 bees. Small hives are not necessarily common when it comes to honey bees so you should always contact your local honey bee removal professionals. This ensures the honey bees are relocated and able to continue thriving and producing honey in the right environment and with property safety precautions.

Carpenter Bees – The majority of carpenter bees you see are male and therefore, solid black in color. The males do not sting; the females can and will be a tan color. Carpenter bees are about the same length as a bumble bee (1 inch) but can fly much faster. They also make more jerk-like movements similar to that of a hummingbird which can also help one identify them easier.

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Regardless of the kind or what activity you’re seeing, if you believe there is a bee issue on your property call our Hamilton County bee control technicians today so that we can take care of the issue in a safe manner.