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Realizing that you have pests on your property can be very worrisome and frustrating, regardless of the pest. Some pests can easily be treated with over the counter sprays and solutions, and sometimes these just aren’t strong enough to get the job done. Certain pests may also need to be treated in a different manner, meaning you can’t just ‘spray’ any pest you are battling and expect to see the desired results.

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Look no further if you need superior extermination solutions for your home or business. Our Noblesville pest control technicians are standing by and ready to assist with any bed bug, rodent or pest issue you’re having. 

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When you do buy products to deal with your pest issue, ants for example, you might not have any success. This is because many home ant control products will state on the label just what ‘kind’ of ants it actually kills and the types it will not work on. So if your spray or bait isn’t working correctly, it could likely be because the kind of ants invading your home is not affected by your chosen solution. You end up wasting time and money trying to find something that works and many times, end up calling the professionals once you’ve exhausted all of your own options.

You can actually save even more time and money by calling us first. Many people are unaware of what pest control services cost and always assume they are too expensive, therefore they turn to in-store products that don’t always work. And let’s face it, wouldn’t you rather let someone else handle gross or annoying pests for you? Call (317) 836-5625 to speak with our residential team of Noblesville pest control experts and find out just how we can help with your pests or provide the pest protection you desire.

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